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Bear: Kieger Mustang stallion in grulla. Valko resin.
Amador: Mulberry Grey Andalusian stallion. BR CM from Andalusian mold. NAN-Q
Aurther: dappled chestnut Jutland stallion. HA resin by David Mayer.
Dommino Down: Bay leopard appy stallion. Bennett micro mini. NAN -Q
Clannhalla: bay going grey warmblood mare. "Valinor" resin. NAN-Q
Renault: light grey draft mix. Kenworth resin. NAN-Q
Spotty Trix: a BR SM foal to appy. This little guy appeared in a JAH horse article.
WF Snickerdoodle: a Jutland gelding in honey sorrel sabino. Danza "Opus" resin. 2Xs NAN-Q Reserve CH.
Top Secret: a Shire in bay. Doris Lindner "Cromwell" resin.
I Like Chopin: a warmblood sport stallion in black tobiano. "David" resin.
WF Danzan-N-Fashionably Late: a Percheron/American Paint mix stallion in bay roan overo. Mini Boreas resin.
Hamiltonian: a historic TB stallion in bay. "HA Highflyer" resin.
Supreme Cyclone: Bay Roan Ardennais stallion. Eberl sm "Kaltix."
Patience: a minature Shetland mare in foal. "Freya" resin.
Phoinis: a mulberry grey Arabian stallion. Loza QH bisque custom glazed.
Makahan: Akahan X Mabruka (NAN-Q) dappled grey Arabian stallion. Loza curio sized QH mold.
Love's Baby Soft : an American Paint QH mare. "First Impression" resin to stawberry roan overo. NAN-Q
The Black Jazz : an Arabian stallion. "SA Solar Wind" resin in sunburnt black rabicino.
Moet Poet: a mixed pony stallion to amber champagne. NAN-Q Reserve CH.
Pudge: an unknown pony.
Beso Beya: an Lusitanio stallion.

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