Wallela Farms Showstring
From days of old: "Apollo Apollo" circa 1985 a complete rrh out of the Breyer Stock Horse Stallion. He had real horse hair! Note the real effort at trying to "stage" the photo.
Technical Gangsta Girl: Buckskin QH mare. CM from BR SM Morgan. NAN-Q
Dominno Sass: Normandy (CH) x Mislesevennia (NAN) Leopard appaloosa sport horse. Highland Heather resin.
Pokahauntis: Grulla Kieger Mustang Mare. CM from Breyer SM Arab mare. NAN-Q
Camlara: Bay Irish Draught filly. CM from NL Shire foal. 2Xs NAN-Q
Dear Prudence: Dappled chestnut mustang mare. Nevada resin.
Lil' Trinket: Bay roan minature shetland pony mare. CMed SM Peanut resin.
New York City Diva: Fleabitten dapple grey National Show horse mare. CM from the BR TR Rejoice mold.
Black Tie Affair: Seal Bay Oldenburg Stalion. Dinky Duke resin. NAN-Q
Clique: grey wb mix pony. CM from the PS Stone Pony mold. NAN-Q
Nicotine Express: Bay Roan Kieger Mustang stallion. Cheveyo resin.
Juan: mulberry grey Andalusian stallion. China painted bisque AA Chaney.
Cristal Criuso: perilino stallion. HA resin.
WF Goliath: Bay Roan draft (need to assign a breed) HA sm resin.
Gaferna: (Gabriella x ?) Flea bitten grey Arab mare. CMed HR.
Jamiroquai: grey Polish Arabian stallion. Eberl Muscat resin.
Apollo 13: bay "Morsel" resin. Warmblood.
WF Lymerick Lad: Dapple Grey draft mix stallion. BR CM.

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