Sculptures that are currently in progress in the studio. From equines to props, there is always someting being sculpted.

"Leela" a sm sized mule foal lying down. Currently in progress and being worked on
Currently in the works: Just a few pieces that are currently being worked on in the studio. I hope to have Leela finished soon. Please be sure to join my NEWS group for information on these and other releases.
"Lil' Pumpkin' a minature Shetland pony Sm size. Production currently on hold. Leela: A little sm sized donkey foal lying down. Currently in progress. "Listen": A life sized rattie sculpture in progress. China production only. Small medallion of a draft stallion. Ceramic production.
"Runaway" sketch of a fat, furry pony in full bolt. I have had this little guy in my head for a year or more. I hope to bring him to life sometime in 08.
"Ophelia" Sm sized walking mixed pony. Small medallion of a angry stallion. Ceramic production "The Lovebirds": Little mice in a tender embrace. Ceramic production.

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