Tons of other sculpts being worked on in the studio. This new Old Tree Prop #1 is the first to be offered to the public
Available! Brand new Old Tree Prop! Add some interest to your photography set ups or your live show scenes! Click image for more information on this tree!
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Other Sculptures: Just a few samples of my other "non-equine" sculptures that have been completed throughout the years. None are for sale.
Mouse (circa 1994): An original sculpture of a typical house mouse measuring approx. 3" in height. Sculpted out of Della Robia clay and painted by hand in oils.
Cut Tree Series (circa 1993-1995): Original sculptures of sawed tree stumps. There were approximately 10-12 orginal sculptures in this series but only a handful remain. Sculpted in Della Robia clay. Painted pieces are in oils.

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