Current sales offerings straight from my studio. Please email me if you are intrested in making a purchase. Thank you so much for your continued support of my art work.
New ceramics and porcelain offerings coming in late 2011. Be sure to join my news group for more information!

Sales are generally offered through my news group on Yahoo first. Hear about sales as soon as items become available. Join today!
CURRENTLY FOR SALE: last updated: 1-30-2011
Dear Prudence: Sarah Rose "Nevada" resin to dappled chestnut. From my personal collection. Time payments are available. Please contact.
$295 ppd (in USA) Price is firm.

Mercedes Boy: Peter Stone Warmblood finished in mixed media to a dappled grey.
$145 ppd (in USA)

RESIN SHOPPE: My limited edition resin cast LIl Pumpkin is still available for purchase. Only 1 piece remains in this run of 35 pieces. Please see Lil Pumpkin's official page for full details.
$65 plus ship/handling

GIFT SHOPPE: At the moment I am stocking my gift store. Please be sure to come on back and also stop by my Etsy Store for ceramic and pottery gifts.


COMMISSIONS for Spring-Summer 2010: My books have been opening every month for commissions but you must be on the NEWS group to hear of these openings. There is generally a 1-2 day opening for commission requests when my books open.

TRADES 2011: The only horse I am looking for to add to my personal collection at this time is Sarah Mink's Fandango BLANK. The horse must be blank as I enjoy painting these pieces myself. If you have a blank Fandango and are looking to strike up a trade deal please contact me. Id even trade stuff I have in my stock room already and that includes some nice stuff. Thank you.

DONATIONS 2011: Thank you for thinking of me for your show or event. I will be donating to the Flying Heart Fund. Other than that my donation books are closed at this time but as always I thank you for thinking of me.

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