Horses currently visiting my studio are listed here for owner's convenience. If you have any questions at any time or need to discuss your commission please feel free to email me at any time at:
Hoof detail on "Battlestar Jaxx" a Carol Williams sculpture.
Horses Currently in Progress: (There is an order I work in but sometimes when I know a horse will go quicker (like on the sms) I will push them forward. But basically I work on all horses in my studio at the same time.)

APRIL 2012: Last update: April 1 2012
Studio work M-Sat. If you have any questions or comments please email. Some days it does take me a little while to return emails. Please be patient. Email me. As always, I thank you for letting me work on your horses and appreciate your patience.
Bjalla resin: Final studio shots coming this week.
Little Lonestar (Palomino calico): Final studio shots coming this week.

Working Girl (grulla):90%
Rosita resin (bay roan): 95%.
Netsky :45%
Beatrix resin (bay roan):
Maggie resin (bay going grey): 30%

Fraley Rayne (appy): 20%.
LB sized Morgan: (dappled bay-portrait): prepped and ready for paint.

Cooper: (palomino sooty extreme): Arrived.
Kipper : arrived. Prepped. Down payment due
Mink Elsie (bay roan): Prepped and ready for paint.
Mink Elsie (grulla): Prepped and ready for paint.
Mini Cromwell: Prepped needs tail extention.

Little Lonestar (bay roan-DP) : Arrived.
Mulette : Prepped, ears fixed ready for paint.
Trivoli: Semi-prepped
Lil Pumpkin: arrived
Trivoli: Semi-prepped

Box of Repairs: arrived assessing.


GUEST ARTIST PIECES FOR 2012: I WILL NOT be accepting any (outside) guest artist pieces for 2012.

DONATIONS FOR 2012: At the present time I can not donate but I thank you for thinking of my work for your show/event.

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