Lil' Pumpkin
Lil' Pumpkin:
This professionally cast limited edition resin sculpture depicts a grade pony in SM size.

Status: 2nd batch of 17 being released April 19, 2010.
Price: $65 plus $5 sh/h
Released: March 2010
Limited Edition: 35 with 30 being released U/P to the public.
Artist Proofs: There will only be 3 artist proofs which will be complete with base and resin tree which was also sculpted by the artist.

5 out of 30 remain for purchase.

Lil Pumpkin is a grade pony which measures approx: 2" x 3" and has been professionally cast by Mountain View Studios. This is a limited edition resin run of only 35. Only 30 are being offered to the public unpainted. I'll be releasing her in 2 batches of 15. They will be offered first come, first serve. Buyers can buy as many as they like.

There will only be 3 pieces being offered via artist choice in this run. The artist choices will be a full scene complete with tree and base as pictured on the left. Colors to be announced.

First batch of 15 to be released on Monday, March 29, 2010 at approx 12 PM in the afternoon. (EST). A notice will be sent to my NEWS group and on my TWITTER page stating the opening of the sale. Second sale starts 4-19-10

The 2nd batch of Lil Pumpkin's are now available for purchase. She is $65 plus $5 sh/h. There are 17 left out of a run of 35 (30 unpainteds being made available to the general public). After these 17 are sold she will no longer be made available. If you missed out on the first batch please be sure to join my NEWS group for future offerings. Members are always offered pieces first. Thank you!

Forms of payment that will be accepted: Paypal, MOs and personal checks. Please email me at: to order an unpainted Lil Pumpkin.

Check my TWITTER page for up to the second news.

This little spotty gal is the very first Artist Choice Lil Pumpkin and she will be for sale shortly! She will come with the base you see her on and one of my fully painted resin trees. Join the NEWS group!

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