Do you still take on commissions? Yes. My books open from time to time. Such openings are announced on my NEWS group. At the moment most openings are for SM sized pieces and handed out via lottery.

How much do you charge? Where is your pricelist? I normally only open up my pricelist and policy page when I have openings available.

Will you accept commissions for custom glazing? At the moment I am not accepting commissions for custom glazing .

What forms of payment do you accept?
I happily accept all forms of payment including: Paypal (all major ccs accepted), money orders and personal checks for my services.

Why are you offering painting slots via lottery only?
Because of the volume of requests my work receives, I have had to impliment a lottery system for all commissions. I am so happy that so many people are interested in my work, but I just cannot handle the volume and I wish to complete my projects in a fair amount of time and not make my customers wait unreasonable amounts of time for their art.

Do you mind if I name my horse after you? I am always so flattered when people name their models using my last name. There have been many creative uses of the "Danza" name. If you unsure the "Danza" name you have come up with has been used already, just email me. Ill let you know if it's been used or not.

How long does a commission normally take?
Generally commissions take anywhere from 2-4 months to a year (for larger traditional sized pieces) to complete. This is due in part to the complexity of the resin and pattern chosen.

Do you take trades for your services?
Yes, on occasion I will trade painting services for models. Please note that I do not collect OFs nor do I collect other people's painted pieces. I like u/p resins that I may not have acquired yet for my personal colletion. Please see the sales page for the current pieces I'm looking to add into my own collection.

May I have my Danza horse detailed by another artist? If you own a custom from me and are wishing to have another artist "detail" that piece, please note that you are FREE to do as you wish with your Danza piece but you are doing so at your own risk. I will not be held responsible if a technical issue arrises with your newly detailed Danza piece once another artist starts to work on it.

If the detail artist, for some reason, ruins your Danza custom I will NOT repaint your horse, nor will I repair the damage done by the detail artist because I just won't be able to tell what exactly was done and what could happen further in years to come. If you PURCHASE a horse not knowing that a detail artist may have had their hands on that piece and maybe changed it too much and you are just an innocent third party and want a 100% Danza piece, please note that I will still not repaint or fix any Danza pieces you bought that may have been altered or altered badly by any detail artist.

Ultimately owners are free to do as they wish with their Danza pieces, but I need to make my views and policy public so that clients are not in shock when I refuse to fix the damage another artist may do to your Danza CM. I've done alot of study with the materials I am using and alot of testing. If an artist puts something on top of my work that reacts to my work or my fixatives and it crackles or turns the piece yellow...I cannot and will not be held responsible for such damage. I hope you understand.

Will YOU detail my Danza piece? If someone is looking to have me make changes to their Danza piece and the change is reasonable I will be happy to detail your Danza piece. I'd honestly rather be the one doing the changes because I know exactly what has been used and what will be used in the change. Current hourly fees will apply. Please contact me.

My horse took a flying leap off my shelf and broke, will you fix it?
For an hourly fee, yes. If the damage is due in part to carelessness on the part of the owner I will charge for repair. If the damage is being caused by my work like something happening to the paint or the surface of the horse, I will repair free of charge. I actually want to know if something wierd is happening with any Danza cm out there but carelessness is not covered by the warranty.

Will you customize my Breyer or Stone model?
Although I enjoy Cming Breyers and Stones for my own enjoyment I do not take on outside commissions for such items because I feel that we will not have the same vision. I enjoy the freedom to explore in my own way under my own specs. Thank you for your interest though.

Well, will you CM a new mane or tail on my horse for me?
At the moment my schedule is overbooked and such items normally take me a very long time to produce. Thank you for your interest though.

OH NO! My resin arrived to you broken now what?
No need to worry, I can fix it but an additional cost,depending upon the damage and amount of time needed to fix the problem, will be adheared to your final payment. If you are unhappy about this the resin will be promptly shipped back to you untouched and unpainted and all shipping costs back will be your responsibility. So...pack well or have your shipper pack well!


What type of pastels do you use and where can I purchase Testors Dull Cote?
I have used many different types of pastels and I currently use a combination of Unison and Daniel Smith pigments. If you are just starting out I highly recommend the Alphacolo brand. The "Earth Set" is a great started set and doesnt cost much money.

Testors Dull Cote fixative can be found at Michael's art supply store or in the Testor's paint rack at your local art store. IF they sell Testors enamel paints, chances are they also sell the fixative. If you cannot find Testors you may have to try other brands of fixative. My personal favorite is the matte fixative from Citadel. Found in most gaming and comic shops it is superb for matte coverage.

Why is my Krylon fixative crackling?
If Krylon Crystal Clear is not shaken properly for at least 1 minute before spraying, it will crackle your work. Your work will also crackle badly if you spray in colder temperatures and leave the horse outside in the cold. As soon as you spray take the piece inside to dryl.

Ive placed a ton of dust on my horse but my color wont show upwell, why?
Some colors such as bay, require many many many layers of color. If coverage seems to stop, spray the horse with Crystal clear, wait for it to dry and then spray your matte fixative on for further adheasion. Some colors are just stubborn but work through them. Eventually, the dust will stick.

Do you have a book explaining pastels and color application out that I can buy?
At the current time I do not have a book available. I am however working on brand new tutorials for 2010.