Technical Gansta Girl: BR SM to grade. Personal collection. NAN-Qed
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Pokahauntis: a SM BR arab mare to a Kieger Mustang. Artist's personal collection.
Lorenzo: a Fraley Campeneo resin. Buckskin going grey. Artist's personal collection.
unnamed: a "Valinor" resin to buckskin. Owned by Barb Ness.
Cody Blake: mule resin to buckskin with appy characteristics. Owned by Simrat Khalsa
Danzan on Aire: a "Paisley" resin to sooty buckskin Morab. Owned by Melissa Hart. NAN-Qed
Gabriella's Alibi: a BR minature pony to dun. Owned by Allison Malone. NAN-Qed.
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